When you do business with us, you’re not buying a product but you’re purchasing the know-how of our people.We believe services are more than a maintenance contract. It starts the day we walk into your business we never ask, “What do you require?” We ask, “What are you trying to achieve?”

Then we come back with recommendations based on your goals & budgets. Arriving at the right technical solutions is the beginning. We also demonstrate its bottom line payoffs In effect we become your communications experts – an extension of your IT Dpt.

Regardless of your communication needs, our service commitment is the same. We’ll design the network, we will implement the same, we’ll teach your staff how to operate & manage it (or manage it for you) & will support & maintain it. But most importantly we will stand behind it.

Neptune InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd is a full-service technology provider specializing in Cloud, Security, Professional, and Managed Services. Our team of experts leverage industry leading expertise and solutions to help clients achieve maximum return on their IT investments. Neptune infosolutions is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.