Network security

Unified Threat Management

To defend network from today’s internet threat. Organizations often use products such as IPS/IDS systems, VPN routers, firewalls, Gateway Antivirus, etc. This not only requires the maintenance of multiple products used, but users also need to be continuously alert that these products are fully integrated in order to effectively protect their network.

UTM appliances have evolved as today’s market demand for one appliance that can perform multiple security tasks at a time such as Spam blocking, Gateway antivirus, Spyware prevention, Intrusion prevention, URL filtering. This previously had been handled by multiple systems. UTM solutions also provide integrated management, monitoring, and logging capabilities to make the deployment and maintenance easier. It provides attack protections from layers 2 through 7 of the OSI model. UTM appliances plays a major role in the organizations which face a major challenge in maintaining multiple security appliances and are looking for bundled security into single appliance which not only saves the total maintenance cost and also increases the total network uptime.

NEPTUNE provides you the right UTM solution which includes:
  • Total real time protection from Spyware, Trojans, Worms, Web viruses, Spam Network attacks, Policy violations, etc.
  • Integrated logging, reporting, and alerting.
  • WAN Failover and load balancing.
  • Controlling network access using the latest deep packet inspection firewall and statefull firewall technology.
  • Secure remote access of internal resources using SSL, IPSEC, PPTP protocols by creating a virtual private network tunnel between remote users or branch offices and UTM.
  • Bandwidth management for time critical applications such as VOIP.
  • Advanced networking features such as routing protocols, policy based natting and routing, etc.

The UTM solution designed by our certified security professionals will definitely prove that your network is safe from network threats.


The very first device used to protect the networks from internet threats was a firewall. Due to advanced development in technology today’s firewall has additional features like high performance, SSL and IPSEC VPN and much more advanced networking features. Today to protect information security is the most critical part. Firewalls play an important role in such cases. At its most basic level, a firewall is intended to enforce the security policy controlling the network traffic that passes through it and securing the network and information from unauthorized access. By just installing a firewall will not protect your network. The security policy has to designed and configured on the firewall in order to protect the network. Without proper configuration, a firewall can often become worthless.

Network security is not a product, it is a process.

SNA offers you the advanced firewall solution which includes:
  • Designing, implementing and validating of the security policies as per the business needs.
  • Controlling network access using the latest deep packet inspection firewall and statefull firewall technology.
  • Designing secured zone for critical servers which are accessed from outside.
  • High availability between firewalls for uninterrupted network protection.

Contact us immediately to know more about security and securing your network through advanced technologies


Today the availability of corporate data and network has become very critical. Mobile work force, Partners, dealers has to access the corporate network from any where and increase the productivity thereby profitability. VPN helps in achieving this.. VPN is the cost effective solution to provide you the remote access than traditional expensive dedicated data lines. With today’s VPN technology and broadband connections, companies of any size can use the Internet to securely connect to their network resources.

SNA offers you the right VPN solution understanding your business needs, which includes:


  • Remote Access VPN: Traveling employees or remote user can use it to access the corporate network while maintaining privacy and security.
  • Site-to-Site VPN: It is used to connect two or more branches offices securely over internet.


An SSL VPN solution delivers remote access connectivity features and benefits such as Web-based clientless access and full network access without preinstalled desktop software. It is an excellent solution if you need access only to Web-enabled servers.

One of the most vulnerable network access point is the VPN gateway. External systems that access your network resources can spread viruses or vulnerabilities in your network. Then how to prevent this threat? SSL VPN is the right solution which provides you the advanced secured remote access VPN by:

  • Controlled Access
  • Pre-Login Assessment
  • End Point Analysis

So, you know you need to implement a virtual private network (VPN) solution, but you’re confused by all the options. Your company is growing fast and scalability is an important factor.

SNAIPL has in-depth knowledge of both IP-SEC & SSL VPN technologies. Our trained engineers are ideally suited to study your requirements and recommend you the most appropriate solution.


As the usage of internet is increasing day by day, network security is becoming critical part. The network has to be protected by unauthorized intruders. An intrusion prevention system performs this task efficiently. An intrusion prevention system is a network security device that monitors network and system activities for malicious or unwanted behavior and can react, in real-time, to block or prevent those activities. An IPS is typically designed to operate completely invisible on network and it takes the actions which include dropping packets, resetting connections, generating alerts, and even quarantining intruders on a network. IPS has the ability to look at layer 7 protocols like HTTP, FTP, and SMTP which provides greater awareness and protection of the network.

SNA provides you advanced IPS solutions that protect your network from:
  • Stopping threats including worms, trojans, viruses, denial of service, reconnaissance, and exploits against application and operations system vulnerabilities before they enter your network.
  • Network-Based IPS Solutions.
  • Host-Based IPS Software.
  • IPS Management.

SNA recommends and design an IPS solution as per your business needs to protect your network in real time.

Content / URL Filtering

When companies provide staff with personal computers and internet connection the staff knows that this resource can be used for both good and ill. Most of the users use office PC for checking and sending personal emails, hotel booking, ticket booking, etc during working works. Soon this computer becomes a device to chat with friends and relatives and also for accessing the pornographic websites. Also an organization face heavy damage due to entry of viruses, malware, worms, Trojans, spyware, and more through malicious websites and also causes risk of data loss or leakage as well as bandwidth choking. Inappropriate use of internet resources can expose organizations to legal liability. Unrestricted Web access can result in excessive non-productive Web surfing, creating tremendous losses in productivity.
Content filtering solution can help organization to reduce the productivity loss by defining and enforcing the internet access policies to the staff as per their business needs.

We offer following content filtering solution that include:
  • Appliance based content filtering solution.
  • Content filtering feature bundled with UTM boxes.
  • Software based content filtering solution.
  • Web Site Rating and Caching.
  • Comprehensive updated Database.
  • Group Policies.
  • Java, ActiveX and Cookie Blocking.
  • Block by Time of Day.
  • User Level Authentication (ULA).
  • Integrated management and Reporting.

NEPTUNE provides content filtering solution that protects organizations from unnecessary access of the internet and reduces the productivity loss and the threats coming to the network from malicious websites.

On the Internet, content filtering (also known as information filtering) is the use of a program to screen and exclude from access or availability Web pages or e-mail that is deemed objectionable.

NAC (Network Admission Control)

Today organizations have to give access to their network to different users, partners, distributors, etc to access different resources hosted in the network. They are exposing their network to different threats and vulnerabilities. It is very difficult for an organization to manage user access and endpoint security to ensure overall security. Network admission control device decides who can come on the LAN, what user can do on LAN. It identifies the user and its machine that they meet the organization standard such as required operating system, antivirus, etc and then only permit the access to the network resources. NAC allows only compliant and trusted devices on to the network and restricting the access of noncompliant devices, thereby protecting the network from security threats and risks. NAC gives organizations a powerful, roles-based method of preventing unauthorized access and improving network resiliency.

By deploying NAC solution into your network you get:
  • Zero day protection from threats and infected devices in your network.
  • Reduced down time and risk.
  • Identity based policy management.
  • User authentication and posture check.
  • Prevention from worms, viruses and unauthorized access.
  • Continuous end point assessment.
  • Maintains organization security compliance.
  • Supports all business environment like campus, branch office, remote access, wireless and guest access.
  • Flexible deployment and easy to manage.

NEPTUNE has the expertise in Network admission control solution. Our engineers can understand your requirement in depth and design a solution which not only protects your network but also your investment.

Identity Management

As enterprises use more and more applications, managing users becomes a very daunting task. Identity and Access Management becomes very important in context of managing security, adhering to regulatory compliance. IDM involves managing end to end lifecycle of the user, right from joining till the user leaves the organization. Every user has to be given access to the information based on the roles they have. The additional challenge is that the information could be accessed through various ways and means.

IDM can be broken broadly into various components
  • Authentication
  • Access Management and SSO
  • User Provisioning/De-Provisioning
We offer IDM solution that include
  • Strong authentication using various technologies
  • Enterprise SSO and providing granular level of access to the various applications
  • Federated Identity solutions
  • Workflows to easy Administration
  • User Provisioning and De-Provisioning solutions