Consolidation being the key for getting the most out of compute and storage assets, virtualization of these assets becomes of paramount importance. In simpler terms it allows us to pool all the compute and storage resources and allocate parts of the pooled resources to business applications as per the dynamics of the business. Virtualization greatly enhances the value of IT to the business by becoming a strategic asset to the business rather than being only an enabler for the business. A virtualized datacenter provides the business unmatched flexibility to adapt to changing business needs, dynamic resource provisioning, increase in overall system availability, quick and seamless application distribution and maintenance and helps in achieving a faster ROI.

NEPTUNE has strong associations with leading technology partners such as VmWare, Citrix, Oracle, Microsoft, EMC, Symantec, Brocade, Cisco and HP to deliver world class comprehensive virtualization solutions. Our virtualization solutions are shaped and delivered by our experts by following a highly specialized solution design lifecycle involving understanding of IT asset, establishing utilization patterns for compute, storage and network resources, understanding the applications and their relationship with the business, scoping business growth and projections, studying the impacts of changes in business and technology environment, sizing and designing of the solution, component selection, comprehensive integration of the solution, and post implementation SLA based support.