Server Consolidation

Server proliferation throughout datacenters is the cause for rising concern among CIOs and CTOs. In addition to the pain of managing more servers, it essentially also means added energy costs as well as added prime real estate costs. Worldwide estimates state that the total cost of ownership of one server actually grows three to five times over a span of three years. Server consolidation is a permanent solution for delivering better resource management, reducing number of servers, reducing energy bills for power and cooling, reducing maintenance costs, increasing availability, elimination of planned downtimes, mitigating risks related to unplanned downtimes and security hazards, reducing space requirements all ultimately resulting in lower costs and increased benefits.

At Neptune, we deliver a wide array of server consolidation solutions based on
  • Virtualization Solutions from VMWare, Red Hat, Microsoft, Citrix and Oracle
  • Blade infrastructure from HP and Dell
  • Enterprise class vertically scalable servers from HP and Dell

A comprehensive server consolidation solution from Neptune encompasses existing infrastructure analysis, load patterns and projections, sizing the hardware and the network, designing the entire solution, component selection, supply of the components, project implementation and post implementation SLA based support.