AMC or Breakfix Support

3AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is a distinct service provided by big organizations like NEPTUNE. This service is also known as a post warranty service. But unlike any other service this service is unique and is customized. We ensure your data security, we provide the replacement of damaged parts with authentic parts and resolve issues related to hardware & software.

Understanding the customer requirement and the importance of time we at NEPTUNE attend to your calls at the earliest and try our best in resolving the issue at hand immediately. Our specialized service for our customers also includes providing a temporary system while we are working towards resolving the issue so that your work would not stop.

Basics include

Understanding the customer requirements we at NEPTUNE strive to serve our customers in every way possible. Our following services cater to the growing needs of customers:
  • We attend your faulty equipment in the shortest span of time, usually the same day
  • Repair/replace the defective and damaged components with original manufactured parts
  • We provide the service of preventive maintenance of your computer every month
  • We perform a regular monthly check for virus
  • Our engineers are there to ensure the connectivity of your network flawlessly
  • Budgeting of software upgradation done annually